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Road safety campaigns play a valuable role in improving road safety by promoting safe behaviours. Immediately after the Road Traffic Safety Agency was established and commenced to practically operate, design of its recognizable visual identity also began, as well as the preparation of several promotional and educational actions. In the past period, RTSA conducted several activities intented for specific categories of road users.




A Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was declared in March 2010 by the UN General Assembly. On the occasion of the official launching of the Decade, the Road Traffic Safety Agency organized on 11th May 2011 the all-day event at the Republic Square in Belgrade, in cooperation with the Traffic Police Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health and the City Institute of Public Health, the Red Cross of Serbia, Automobile Association of Serbia (AMSS) and the National Driving Academy (NAVAK).

On that occasion there was a press conference attended by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dačić, Minister of Health Prof. Dr Zoran Stanković, Deputy Minister of Education Bogoljub Lazarević and the World Health Organization representative in Serbia, Dorit Nitzan. At the conference the objectives of the Republic of Serbia in the field of traffic safety were presented, as well as the plans for their accomplishment.




In the school year 2011/2012 the Road Traffic Safety Agency started with the educational campaign „ATTENTION NOW” dedicated to children. This campaign marks the beginning
of a long lasting process of educating children with a view to reduce accidents where children
are involved to the minimum.

By this campaign we wanted to draw attention to the most important topics in the field of children’s safety in traffic, such as the acquisition of knowledge about the essential traffic rules and the acquisition of basic skills, of which, for this age group the most important are the correct moving across the street, the importance of tying the seat belt in a vehicle and the importance of wearing reflective clothing.




The Road Traffic Safety Agency and the Traffic Police Directorate of MoINT of Serbia organized a campaign „For a safe and pleasant journey” which was realized at the busiest routes in July and August considering the fact that during these summer months the accidents involving people are the most frequent on our roads.

Members of the Traffic Police and officials of the Agency distributed to the drivers the promotional material and gave advices for safe driving. A part of the material was intended for foreign drivers and printed in the English language.




Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for automobile travel. Motorists should know the safety rules for dealing with winter road emergencies. RTSA reminds motorists to be cautious while driving in adverse weather. For more information on winter driving, RTSA offers the Be careful! Detect the danger on time! Brochure. This brochure was delivered to drivers through magazine SAT, Pravda daily newspaper, daily action on motorway E-75 and NIS gas stations.