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Pilot Project “Risk Mapping on the Road Section Belgrade - Novi Sad of the Road E-75, in Accordance with EuroRAP Standard”

RTSA has implemented a pilot project iRAP/EuroRAP Serbia on the section of the road E-75 from Belgrade to Novi Sad (Batajnica loop - Temerin loop). iRAP/EuroRAP protocol involves assessing road safety evaluation system by aligning stocks in five defined categories of risk (EuroRAP) and road safety assessment Star Ratings (iRAP). Pilot project for the section from Belgrade to Novi Sad was developed in cooperation with the Automobile Association of Serbia (AMSS), Ministry of Interior - Traffic Police Administration and the Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia". The pilot project is an introduction to the realization of the complete mapping of public roads of Serbia in accordance with iRAP/EuroRAP protocol and standard.

EuroRAP study protocol assumes the risk of suffering on the road sections based on the number and consequences of accidents. Standard method of calculating the risk assessment is a unique methodology developed by experts from EuroRAP and is based on the experience of exploration and risk mapping in many European countries. Basically, iRAP Protocol requires recording of sections with a specialized vehicle that captures the most important characteristics of the road and environment in terms of traffic safety.

In this pilot project the following categories of risk were observed: crash risk per kilometer traveled, crash density, crash risk by road type and crash potential savings.

Data on the number, types and consequences of traffic accidents for the three-year period (2008-2010) were used for the purpose of this study. Also, traffic data - AADT (average annual daily traffic) refer to the same three-year period.

Implementation of this pilot project aimed at understanding the scope of activities, opportunities and constraints for implementing a complete risk mapping on the public road network in Serbia. The intention is that iRAP/EuroRAP assessment and risk mapping become a standard tool that contributes to the improvement of traffic safety in the next few years in two ways: by changing behavior of road users (especially on risky sections) and by removing defects of the road, road equipment and environment by road authorities (by reducing risk level on risky sections).

Pilot project – road section from Belgrade (Batajnica loop) to Novi Sad (Temerin loop).

  Crash risk per kilometer travelled (.pdf 860kB)

  Crash density (.pdf 860kB)

  Crash risk by road type (.pdf 860kB)

  Potential crash savings (.pdf 860kB)